Our Car Park

Our Car Park

Let's Know Çani Logistics

Green Fleet

Our fleet, which consists entirely of EURO5 and EURO6 environmentally friendly motor vehicles, serves by meeting all European standards in terms of both efficiency and ecological.

Uninterrupted Tracking

Our company organizes fast and regular flights to more than 10 countries with its fleet of more than 75 vehicles (Tow Truck + Minivan). Since all our vehicles have GPS and vehicle tracking systems, the location of the loaded vehicles is tracked instantly.

Self-owned Garage

We carry out instant control and follow-up of our vehicles with our own garage of 3,000 square meters, and we minimize the risk factor in port entrance and exit operations.
In addition, we carefully monitor the periodic maintenance and repair processes of our vehicles in our garage, thus eliminating the repair and maintenance-related malfunctions and failure factors in the logistics operation processes to the maximum extent.

Change and Development

The whole of our fleet (Tractor & Trailer & Minivan) is made up of class-leading vehicles in line with the demands and requests of our customers. Thanks to our company's flexible business policies that give importance to change and development, we can make new additions to our fleet as a result of the new demands of our customers. In this way, we are proud of being one of the companies that respond to the needs of the sector in its field.