Air Freight

Air Freight

Air transportation, which becomes more important day by day in the conditions of the globalizing world and free market economy, renews itself day by day within the scope of today's needs and makes the transportation system valid between different countries. In this context; As Çani Logistics, we offer an integrated service model with fast, economical, quality and practical solutions and advantages, offered to the service of users and those in need with air transport, and a door-to-door service approach combined with the air transport system.

⦁ Compared to other logistics services, the transportation time is very short.
⦁ It offers flexible planning advantage due to the presence of different airline companies.
⦁ It has simplified customs / transport procedures due to the fast operation of the airline logistics system.
⦁ It enables small volume loads to be transported.
⦁ It allows sensitive loads to be transported without damage.


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Unrivaled Trucking and Transport Services

Without limiting its field of activity to standard loads, Çani Logistics also carries out the transportation of movables belonging to all kinds of cargo groups, and provides important services in areas such as heavy out-of-gauge heavy transportation, refrigerated truck transportation, container transportation, partial load transportation and truck transportation. It carries out the transportation of cargo groups meticulously, and it displays a successful working graph by ensuring that the loaded goods are delivered to their destinations in a short time.