Road Transport

Road Transport

Road transportation is a transportation system that allows the products to be delivered to the desired place, at the desired time, safely, quickly and securely. Compared to other types of transportation, since it allows transportation between the starting and destination points without the need for transfer; It is a transportation method that has some advantages such as being faster and being cheaper than other alternative transportation systems, especially for short-distance transportation.
⦁ Flexibility and Speedy Privilege with Delivery to the Door: No matter where the customer is, we provide transportation to every region where the road is available. We offer flexibility and speed with delivery to the door.
Safe Transport Policy: We offer a safe transportation option due to the low probability of loss of the transported goods.
Express Services: Loading and unloading goods is not a laborious task. It can be loaded/unloaded in a short time depending on the size and quantity of the goods. In addition; Thanks to our Express Delivery Minivan Service, we provide 72 hours of delivery on the Europe - Turkey Line.
Flexible Weight Options: It has a very flexible product range with the ability to carry heavy loads. We can easily transport tons of products as well as products on the basis of kg.
Flexible Route Options: We can deliver to more than one route with road freight transport.
Your cargo is always safe: Thanks to the insurance made on the transported goods, it is not affected by the conditions such as deformation, loss, breakage that may happen to the goods. Thus, we create a bond of trust between us and the customer.


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Without limiting its field of activity to standard loads, Çani Logistics also carries out the transportation of movables belonging to all kinds of cargo groups, and provides important services in areas such as heavy out-of-gauge heavy transportation, refrigerated truck transportation, container transportation, partial load transportation and truck transportation. It carries out the transportation of cargo groups meticulously, and it displays a successful working graph by ensuring that the loaded goods are delivered to their destinations in a short time.