Project Transportation

Project Freight Forwarding

As Çani Logistics, we produce innovative and creative solutions specific to your project and you by using our sea, air and road services individually or in different combinations for your import, export or transit projects.
We deliver out-of-gauge, heavy and bulky loads to the desired point in the safest way, by planning and managing down to the finest detail with our professional team.
We always support our infrastructure and team in order to provide services in a long-term, large-scale field that requires effort and dedication like project logistics.
Since special projects can be planned for a short time or last for many years, as Çani Logistics, acting with this awareness, we guarantee to support you as long as you need it, with our highly motivated, constantly improving, curious, flexible and educated team.
With our strategic partners, our global network and our great passion for realizing projects of this scale, we work 24/7 to provide you with the highest quality service.
We are proud to be moving to a more privileged point with our price policy and service quality among the companies that carry out project transportation.
We provide added value to the vision of all institutions that are committed to taking big steps to carry their industry to the future, with our team that has a good grasp of international legislation on heavy cargo transportation, follows technological innovations and offers sustainable logistics strategies. We plan the future together with them.
We provide the heavy cargo cargo services that you will need in your projects that will touch the lives of millions by shaping the production conditions and methods, with competitive prices, artificial intelligence solutions that provide perfect tracking, and our reliable team.
We build your project transportation plans and operations by seeing the big picture, we are at the beginning of the project from the beginning to the last moment, we approach even the smallest details of all projects with the greatest care, and we support you to the end by understanding the importance of every step in this long marathon.

Unrivaled Trucking and Transport Services

Without limiting its field of activity to standard loads, Çani Logistics also carries out the transportation of movables belonging to all kinds of cargo groups, and provides important services in areas such as heavy out-of-gauge heavy transportation, refrigerated truck transportation, container transportation, partial load transportation and truck transportation. It carries out the transportation of cargo groups meticulously, and it displays a successful working graph by ensuring that the loaded goods are delivered to their destinations in a short time.